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License Original Royalty Free Music With An Erotic Hypnosis Edge

“Licensee” may use “audio clips” in connection with or in timed relation to a visual image or other multimedia content as many times as it desires, in as many projects as it desires, for as long as it desires in any type of audio/visual production, including, but not limited to, film/video production, television, radio, broadcast production, podcast production, commercials, trade shows/presentations, flash animations, Web sites (as background audio), multimedia presentations, slide-shows, games, software application, theatrical releases, advertising, telephone on-hold messages, in-store (shopping centers), audio books, productions for distribution/sale, and any other commercial and non-commercial projects (hereafter “Project”.2. Internet

“Licensee” may use “audio clips” as background audio for its Web/Flash sites, Podcasts, Web games, Web applications, Web courses, Internet videos (YouTube, MetaCafe, Google Video, MySpace, etc). However “Licensee” may not provide “audio clips” for download or stream as the “sole content.” It also relates to sound effects.3. On-Hold

“Licensee” may install and use “audio clips” as On-Hold audio and play such a clip to its clients/customers/callers. However, “Licensee” may not install/incorporate “audio clips” into its commercially produced and released on-hold systems that are sold to other individuals or companies4. Audio Books / Audio Courses/Audio Trainings

“Licensee” may use “audio clips” for creating any types of audio books, audio courses, meditation/healing/aerobics/training, and similar tapes/CDs/DVDs/cassettes, etc. However, “audio clips” may not be used as a stand-alone element/audio track in such projects. At least spoken words/voice must be added to /mixed with over “audio clips.”5. Editing Audio Clips / Derived Works

“Licensee” may modify or alter “audio clips” (crop, lengthen, shorten, fade, pitch, filter, loop, etc.) to fit the requirements of its Project. If such modification or alteration constitutes a derivative work (a work based upon “audio clips” “Licensee” does not acquire any copyright ownership or equivalent rights in or to any of the “audio clips”, and “Licensee” shall use such derivative work only in accordance with this “Terms and Conditions.”6. Prohibited Uses

“Licensee” may not transfer the rights or sub-license and may not sell, resell, present, lease, lend, distribute, copy (except for the backup copy), share, provide to download, and/or transfer “audio clips” to any other individual or production company. “Licensee” may not use/include “audio clips” in different types of music compilations, like music compilation CDs/DVDs, where “audio clips” are stand-alone elements/tracks. “Licensee” also may not use or redistribute “audio clips” as a part of Web site templates that are offered to multiple end-users, may not use or redistribute “audio clips” as a part of telephone or mobile phone ringtones nor incorporate “audio clips” into any hardware system. Such use is licensed separately by contacting “NEO Sounds.”7. Refund policy

“Erotic Hypnosis Music” is unable to accept cancellation of any orders for digital downloads, nor to offer any refund for such orders, once downloading has commenced. Each of the “audio clips” has a sample, extract, or preview that is available for evaluation before purchasing and that clearly demonstrates the content of each item, thereby giving the “Licensee” a clear understanding of what it is purchasing.8. Copyrights

“Audio Clips” are copyrighted and protected under the various laws of the United States, International treaties and other applicable laws and remain the sole and exclusive property of their respective copyright owners.9. Representations and Warranties

“Erotic Hypnosis Music” represents and warrants that it has full authority to grant all the rights contemplated by the license terms and that it has obtained all necessary permissions from any and all artists or copyright owners to grant such rights to Licensee.

Street Chicknosis

 WILL YOU 2 SHUT THE HELL UP ITS A HYPNOSIS VIDEO NOT AN INVITATION TO WAR, on that note, Cat i love your technique you’re one of the hypnotists who inspired me to start, also i love the little “Chicknosis” bit XDmogs2006oksays:

 Its Ok Ray, ive read your google groups threads, just goes to show its not just here you spew nonsensical rubbish and I’m not the only one that agree’s you need a little stability.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok No actually it’s up to YOU to prove your claim that I’m living off the state. I’ll do a LONG article about Catherine Hickland’s friend who made this claim about me, and why she hangs out with such liars. If you can prove your claim, you win the lawsuit. If you can’t, you go bankrupt.

As I’ve never collected any type of welfare, or even unemployment, in my life, I think you’re gonna have an uphill battle, but you sound sure of yourself.

See you in court.mogs2006oksays:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotists“so i guess? its obvious your living off the state” its up to you to confirm that, it was a question to you, you make assumptions that I genuinely believe you do, which is and holds no basis for a libel suit, because its based on your own opinion, had I have said “you most definitely live off the state” maybe you would be right. I stand by a good friend she hasn’t put me up anything, you have a strange way of thinking pal.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok What I state is OPINION. You claim I live off the government.

Good luck proving that. If you can’t, you LOSE. You could delete your comment before my lawyer gets it to avoid this. If Cat put you up to this, she can be joined.

If you insist on standing behind a lie, you bring any legal consequences on yourself. Your choice. You have maybe 24 hours.mogs2006oksays:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotistsYou only have to look at your Channel to see plenty of libal lawsuits in the making.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok You didn’t hit a nerve, you broke the law. Was just giving you a chance to spare yourself being sued for libel. Obviously it’ll take a court order to get you to wise up. So be it. That’s what attorneys are for. If you lose, you’ll be paying their fees. Don’t expect a standing ovation from the jury. YOU are the one who chose to lie about me.mogs2006oksays:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotists Oh my looks like I hit a nerve, how does that feel, take a step back and really explore the emotions your feeling from that.Look at this experience and learn from it that stereotyping people isn’t nice, as you said yourself it feels like “telling a horrible lie”.It has been a pleasure, I don’t even know who you are or what you do, and I thought its kinda obvious you don’t like being stereotyped, I hope you have learned from this experience and wish you well in the future.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok You just bought Cat a slew of negative publicity because she’s calling you friend and you’re telling a horrible lie about me (I don’t live off the state; actually I produce internet videos and films).

People get sued for shit like that. Hope you like bankruptcy.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok Oh, if you wanted a libel lawsuit, you should have just said so!

if your comment is still up when my lawyer finds it, it’s out of my hands.mogs2006oksays:


You still didn’t answer the other question, which was a great avoidance technique, so i guess its obvious your living off the state, maybe a little hypnosis could do you some good.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok LOL everyone on the internet is a troll and not cool, BUT YOU.

Cat’s a piece of shit personality. Good actress at one time, but washed up. BTW, I’m male. I just am on a mission to rid the internet of ugly, stupid, and weak female hypnotists. She’s all three.

Ashlee Schull is 10000x the hypnotist Cat will ever be.

Oh, and either she put you up to this, and is using you to bug me, or she didn’t, and you’re using this to get close to her. Which is it?mogs2006oksays:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotistsGreat another troll with nothing better to do than be-little hoping to make their world seem a little bit brighter.Someone with nothing better to do than make pointless channels.I mean come on really, don’t you think that’s a little sad, not to mention pot calling the kettle, you yourself are an unattractive female trying to bring down someone who is more successful.Cats a good friend of mine, if you knew her personally you would think twice about what you write.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @mogs2006ok Sorry I missed something here. I write about HER, and YOU get mad? Doesn’t add up. Don’t have to meet her to judge her “street hypnosis.” It’s VERY dangerous.

You may call meeting a narcissistic, washed-up actress, and unsexy/ugly hypnotist a pleasure, but, like Hebrew National, I answer to a slightly higher authority.mogs2006oksays:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotistsYou make this assumption about a woman you have never had the pleasure of meeting, how jealous and hypocritical do you sound right now.Never make assumptions about people you have never met, it just makes you look like your jealous of the gifts they have, perhaps you need to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself “why am I doing this.”


 read a book- Secret don’t tell by Carla Emery to discover what hypnotism can do.some people can be made to do anything. I have been hypnotized and its real. I was made to masturbate naked before people and had no memory afterwards, I was told what I had done someone can be deeply hypnotized but look wide awake and is siggestiblehypnotists say all hypnosis is self hypnosis so if it goes wrong they cant be blamed. it is a myth. in a deep trance the hypnotists becomes the subjects inner voicephilbio66says:


Why do hypnotists keep lying to and misleading the public about hypnosis? I guess the truth would be bad for business.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @Musiclistener25 You just blamed a rape victim for being raped, and called her a liar. The CIA proved that hypnosis can do this, with MK-ultra, which is why they send out so much propaganda the other way. I have 35+ years with hypnosis, and didn’t turn to it because I became too old and wrinkled for daytime.Musiclistener25says:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotists Ok, hypnosis and rape don’t go together. Both parties are to be blamed. If you are that dumb to take off your pants and screw your doctor there there is something wrong with the patient. Easy lawsuit to make the headlines. However, the doctor should have his license taken away for screwing his patience considering how unprofessional it is. I don’t find her ugly. The waving the finger thing is ridiculous other then that I like her. Just my opinion. Everybody needs a job!UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @Musiclistener25 No, Hickland isn’t a rapist. The guy I mentioned is, as was a guy in CT. The women said hypnosis literally coerced them into having sex. If all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, those seven women were LYING. Are you claiming they really wanted the sex? Hickland is just old, ugly, and untalented compaerd to Ashlee Schull.Musiclistener25says:

 @UglyFemaleHypnotists I read up on it and I think thats ridicules. No it’s not rape. I like this woman. I think shes cool. Just my opinion.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 On a MUCH more serious note, “street hypnosis” should NEVER be done. It’s DANGEROUS. Hypnosis can and is used to rape women and molest children. The “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis” is industry bullshit to avoid scaring away customers. Search for Alan Ira Richman and the CT guy who videotaped six rape victims for more info. How terribly irresponsible.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 @Musiclistener25 Oh please. She can’t even measure up to KismetVideo’s worst offerings, let alone their best (Ashlee Schull’s “Yes”). She lacks the looks, she’s old (check the date on that milk), and she’s trying Pat Collins bullshit from 50 years ago that Ashlee made look insipid. Even if she copied Ashlee she lacks the looks, the voice, and the brain to do it. She truly sucks eggs.

How sad.UglyFemaleHypnotistssays:

 This pains me, because I used to be a BIG fan of yours, “Lindsay,” but you are old.

You are ugly.

Your hypnosis techniques are 30 years outdated.

Yes, Catherine Hickland, you are on the Ugly Female Hypnotists List.

You are so pathetic compared to this generation that I couldn’t go under to you even if I wanted to. Ashlee Schull is 1000x better than you shall ever be.

Friends don’t let friends hypnogoggle!MissRiverssays:

 So amazing!

Self Help Hypnosis NLP Anchoring Demo

is NLP (in general, not only anchor for dating) working if you’re doing it before going to sleep, or do you have to hear someone guiding you?ricardas83says:
I am for NLP when it is used for therapy or by illusionists like Derren Brown just for fun . I am against when it is used for sales, dates… I am reading Frogs into Princes now, and it is sad, that Bandler (author of this book) trained salesmen too…Eddinisays:

I did NOT say that. I was talking in general in therapy…etc. It’s common in NLP / Hypnosis. You can anchor just to feel pleasure. I have MY OWN video on Anchoring and using it in Self-Hypnosis. Learn what you’re talking about “Really Study” a subject before commenting. It’s called uuuhhh Growing up and NOT being ignorant.ricardas83says:
NLP for getting chicks is bull$it , dear idiot.Eddinisays:
Yeah okay like you know idiot. I do it plus hypnosis. Good Lord, ignorant people Errrr.ricardas83says:
confidence isnt really needing of an anchor because if you use confident body posture it is already anchored to the feeling.. pretty strongly too.. stuff like talkative,or other feelings that dont have a specific body anchor to it is what needs this…Kendeleysays:
hey good work Steve… i want to ask you though, and tell you that i have been anchoring for a month and i have been able to feel my memories easily, but after a month everytime i want to remember the moment the feeling doesnt seem to come. Can you tell me what it is I am missing or wat i need to do? thanksdannyhere4usays:
is the the hands-free ear piece an anchor or are the a trekeeCJLaitysays:
Check out my new book, Disco Hypnotic. Google it to find more info.watchn0tseesays:
OMG too intense i feel back pain (because of heavy backpack) and dizzy!houdinididiitsays:
Very interesting. This technique is very similar to one used in ‘method acting’. Primarily the use of sensory recall in helping to establish a desired groundwork for the scene. Very cool.SoapCreeksays:
Nice technique and a killer sound track too!Saskachewansays:
It doesn’t work for me. The anchor someway doesn’t trigger those feelings when I need them. This movie doesn’t tell how to do it properly to always get success, so it’s not as good as it might be.crapmurphysays:
thank you very much!!! You make me your fan now lolmarkduffsays:
Great very well explained and thanks very much for this clip!HypnoDragon23says:
Thanks for the video. A cool technique.

abduction hypnosis session

pat mcguire, wyoming rancher, was abducted by aliens from his ranch in the 70s; years later, pat remembered details under hypnosis.Boomer22zsays:

Is that Karla turner? Sounds like her?DVAFPsays:

and in the majority of abduction cases, the subject remembers parts withoutever having had hypnosis, some remember all of it.stylin1983says:

ya flangelet, i dont even remember what this is about considering it was solong ago, u should invest in a life there palwilster200says:

Good people confronted with the extraordinary… Love to them all.Gerald Cloughsays:

Firsthand eyewitness testimony is generally not hearsay (it is oftendefined out of hearsay) and if it is considered hearsay, it is generallyconsidered an exception to the hearsay rule; if you have some evidenceregarding Mr. McGuire’s credibility, let us all know about it… I wouldthink Mr. McGuire’s testimony is fairly extraordinary evidence… your useof the intimidation fallacy is interesting (speaking of logic); again, Ihave no opinion as to what really happened.lynnej1970 .says:

@flangelet alien abduction DOES exist,stylin1983says:

she pointed to the same star system that bob lazar claims that the craft heworked on was from………never ending dispute this is and most peoplerely on scientific proof, dr reed has biological proof, asteroid materialinside your body with no anti-flamitory response is not by accident. itsmedically impossible, i dont rely on eye witnesses,Madam Fraggersays:

Hypnosis is not a good therapy to go through, you are susceptible tothings. (gullable?)tiffsaversays:

THE COW’S ORGANS WERE STILL INTACT AND ESSENTIALLY VIABLE (STILL ALIVE)AFER THEY WERE REMOVED. No modern technology currently known can performsuch surgical feats, much less animal predation or natural decomposition.Lasers cauterize as they cut (burn), effectively eliminating this argument.Andromanche1337says:

Quiet you.TripAClaymoresays:

How do we know there isn’t just some Hannibal Lechter type person makingspecialty dishes with the stolen organs.caltontongs73says:

this film is shit! who owns a tv that shape anymore?Madam Fraggersays:

I don’t believe someone saying they SAW aliens or a ufo or saying they wereABDUCTED is any proof at all. Sure you can believe them, but they could belying or crazy, either way it’s probably for attention of some sort.tiffsaversays:

We found the statements of all the participants to be valid andwell-supported. This incident involved a multiple array of diverse elementsof the UFO question, and using the “strangeness” scale (the officialdesignation of all documented UFO incidents), it rated an unequivocal “10.”whorebot325says:

@jbiancads if i were from another planet, here to abduct people forresearch or whatever..I wouldnt want to pik up some smelly sweaty brazilianeither.. I’d grab a nice clean AMERICAN…unless it was a smelly sweatybrazilian girl with a big ass and big tits.jonnyrico1says:

hey me to when i was like 12 i saw a big orange thing in the sky and when ikept yelling for my friend to come out once he came it dissaperdstylin1983says:

i am fully aware of eye witness testimony and how unreliable it is…..butwhen lots of people, recount the same stories, and go under regressionhypnosis, they all desribe the same shit, barney and betty hill is aperfect example, they never even knew it happened until almost a decadelater, it was only when they went under hypnosis that they recanted theEXACT same story, she was shown a star map and drew it underhypnosis… was not known what she drew, until later..zeta reticulu,orionAndromanche1337says:

How would one make money off of a story like this? And don’t tell me fromwriting a fucking book. Also people have had evidence of mutilated cattlein many parts of the world that is unexplained.tiffsaversays:

From cattle mutilations to multiple abductions (McGuire’s entire family ofeleven — he was an orthodox Catholic), I believe this incident to be thebasis for “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” particularly since all ofthe events we encountered all occured in the shadow of The Devil’s WatchTower (however, I cannot confirm this as fact, just another stunning“coincidence”). Our segment aired on national network television that sameyear.cheynbluesays:

I was honored to be a guest at Pat and his families home in the early 80′sand I have alot of respect and information from the visits we made to seethem. They were gracious and the events that happened there I know arereal. This is a person that our WORLD should be listening to and learningwhat we can about our alien friends who are trying to help us in so manyways. I wish more people could meet Pat and hear what he has to say.Believer of Truthzambot3says:

Aliens drink yout fluids at night when you’re helplessGerald Cloughsays:

Wow, you got it all figured out: this is a Linda Morton Howe piece and wasfilmed by her crew ; Leo Sprinkle, the psychotherapist- hypnotist, is worldrenowned; Mr. Mcguire is well known in the ufo hunter community and hasnever tried to make a dime off his experience and, finally, Mr. McGuire wasa rancher not a farmer. Yeah, you got it all figured out.FAGameFAsays:

To make it even worse, if a person thinks something happens, when they tryto remember what DID happen, they are more likely to remember that thanwhat actually happened. Hypnosis for memory recall is very unreliable inmany ways.i45onsays:

Whats with recording a TV, isn’t this, like, the future and stuff? I canfeel the radiation just watching it.Rich Gilbertosays:

Can you use self hypnosis to attract girls?

Can you use self hypnosis to attract girls?

If you can plz give me link and i would prefer for it to be free.Thanks.
Yes i do mean self hypnosis to give me the confidence and ability to help me attract them not hypnosis to convince them.
I am using hypnosis on myself to make me more confident not on the girl!!!!!!!!!!!!cheznightsays:

You cannot make anyone do anything against thier will with hypnosis. Just saying that. Also, don’t you mean hypnosis and not self hypnosis?linda tsays:

In your dreams, buddy. lolJohn Dsays:

You can use self hypnosis to make you think that you’ve used self hypnosis to become attractive to girls.hanaasays:

What a cruel way to attract women. It’s going against their will. They will like you if you just be yourself and be more social.the5doranssays:

i must say, John D, that was the best answer on all of yahoo answers, nice one, man!! lolbeingagood1says:

I’m concerned about the ethics. Attraction has a basis, and the basis should be truthful. Generically, people are attracted to others who have attitude similarity. Instead of using self-hypnosis, I would apply some of the basic principles of attraction — competent behavior, friendly eye-contact, clean clothing with lots of broad expanses of bright color. You’ll get plenty of self-confidence from the girls, once you attract them.courious etesays:

Hypnosis can help you to build more security in you. Can help you to feel more comfortable and easy when you are close to girls. Self Hypnosis is good for you because can help you to make changes that are hard for you to do. Remember: Nothing that you gain through force will be good, if you don’t believe me, try the wrong size of shoes.drdavidcampsays:

People are attracted to confidence. Self Hypnosis can help there. Study up on Neuro Linguistic Programming and or read Tony Robbins

Power Writing: Use More of Your Mind To Get Whatever You Want -- Relax Your Way to Success

The Internet has turned everyone into a writer.

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In the late 1970s I was almost 30, so I decided that I'd set myself a deadline for writing a book and getting it published. I decided I'd give myself until I was 40. If I didn't get a book published by the time I was 40, I'd stick to writing magazine articles.

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However, until I DECIDED what I wanted and made a commitment to DO it, it remained a dream.

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Phil, we just wanted you to know
all three of us who came in together 6 months ago are still enjoying being happy, healthy, nonsmokers. When you told us that day that it was going to be easy for us to stop smoking, I admit I was skeptical, because
I had never succeeded in stopping for more than a few days.
And whats cool is Ive had no cravings and frankly, that amazes me. Im glad youre good at what you do.
Danny Miller
Fort Worth, TX 

Phillip, I want to thank you so much for what you have done for me and my wife. I was a non- believer in this hypnosis stuff. You have more than likely saved my wifes life, and I really mean it! She was a two pack a day smoker for 30 years, and now she no longer smokes! I am so proud of her. Your system has worked for both of us.
Kent B.
Dallas, TX

Phil, I thought youd be happy to know that I havent touched a cigarette since those 10 minutes before I walked into your office that day on February 28th, 2006. Its a wonderful thing to have this healthy freedom (and to have your wife want to kiss you again). I cannot thank you enough.

W. Matthew Cox
Operations Manager
BizRadio 1360AM - KMNY
Dallas, TX

For any of you guys who want to stop chewing tobacco go see Phil Dickerson. I was chewing at least a can of Copenhagen a day for 18 years. What surprises me is how well Ive done.
Chuck Long,
Mesquite, TX  

Hey Phil,
A quick email to let you know that so far Ive dropped 44 pounds of that ugly fat. So Im averaging about 4 pounds a week. My wifes amazed because I no longer sit in front of the TV every night and eat, and Im actually going to the health club now 3 times a week. Another 30 pounds and you and I are gonna have that celebration session youve talked about.
Antonio G,
Mesquite, TX

Hi Phil, Ive done it. I stepped on the scales this morning and Ive lost 36 lbs. I am now back down to 120. Remember that old picture I showed you of how I wanted to look again? My husband and I have scheduled new family photos to be taken next week. You were right. Thanks for believing in me. Expect a call from a couple of my girlfriends.
Sheryl M.
Plano, TX

 Dallas Hypnosis for Success is located at 100 North Central Expressway and Beltline Road.  Call us at 214-549-7487